Hunt Weeks & What’s Included

6 Day Hunt (over bait) Fully Guided   –  Week 1

5 Day Hunt (over bait) Fully Guided   –  Week 2
Stands will be set up ahead of your arrival. We retrieve, transport, weigh, skin, and quarter your bear.  We also have a walk-in cooler available to put your bear in after we get it out of the woods.  Once quartered a large freezer is available to deep freeze before transportation. Camp space is also available if you would like to further process your bear yourself.  Brunch and Dinner is catered and will be provided and waiting for you at camp before you head out to hunt each morning and after your hunt each night where you can hear the stories of the night, watch TV on multiple flat screens or sit by the camp fire and relax.

**Lodging is not included

***Week 2 hunts do not include morning brunches

$650.00 to secure a spot

Remaining Balance due by Aug. 1, 2019
Deposits are transferable but not refundable.

Hunts will take place on private land and public land with the assistance of baits in zones A & D. We maintain a low hunter to guide ratio to assure a quality hunt. Baiting is a strategic process we will start over the summer months attracting in the bears so we can study each site and learn their routine so we can try to assure an active bait for our clients.  We monitor each site with the use of trail cameras.  You may use gun or bow, just communicate your choice with us so we can set up your hunt to meet your needs.

Once you have booked your hunt and your deposit has been received we will periodically keep in touch to make sure we are building the correct hunt for you.