Matt and Sarah Jungbluth

Matt and Sarah

Together they have owned and operated Backwoods Black Bear Outfitters with Luke and spend their free time all year round pursuing wild game here in the deep woods of Northern Wisconsin. I, Matt, have been pursuing the Black Bear for 18+ years and Sarah for the past 11. Our true passion? You guessed it, it is the mighty Black Bear. We start baiting and studying the bears as a family with our 3 children in late May and continue until our clients are successful into the fall. We believe that success is a product of hard work and commitment. We look forward to talking to you personally and being a part of your dream of harvesting a Black Bear.

Luke Klemp


Luke has been hunting Black Bear alongside Matt from day one. Luke is a father of 4 future hunters, and husband to the Logo creator, Breah. Luke has a natural sense in the woods seeing game trails, bedding areas, food sources. He is relentless and driven to find your bear once shot and track each twisted branch, speck of blood, and tunnel until we have successfully found your prize. His attitude and willingness to listen to clients is what we are all about, satisfied clients. There is no harder worker or better partner. Call today and let Luke help you become another satisfied client.

Leonard Yeadon


Leonard has spent 30 years pursuing wild game from Wisconsin’s backwoods to Iowa’s cornfields, Mississippi’s backwaters to the grasslands of Africa. He loves the Outdoors, loves a great Challenge, loves being Successful and loves the Journey that comes with it all.  He takes great pride in mentoring and teaching Kids and Adults of all ages in the finer points of hunting skills. Len is a very detail oriented individual and hunter, you will find yourself at ease knowing the pursuit of your bear is in his hands.. After the shot he is relentless in his pursuit of your trophy and will leave no leaf unturned. Once you step in the woods with him you will immediately be at ease and realize how close you are to tagging your Black Bear. Give us a call and put Leonard’s knowledge to work for you.

As you can see , our guides are seasoned outdoorsmen. We take the responsibility of outfitting your hunt very serious. Our camp is family run and we consider each guide a member of the family , when you spend a week in the woods with us you will not only leave a successful hunter but also part of the “Backwoods Family” and it is growing every year. Why not become a part of us?