Common Questions and Answers

Do you use trail cameras?
Yes every bait is outfitted with a trail camera and bear box.

What type of stands do you use?
We use hang on, ladder, double ladder, and blinds. Brands include Lone wolf, Gorilla, and Rivers Edge.

Are you and your guides licensed?
Yes we all carry a State of Wisconsin Guide License.

How do we get our hunters to and from camp to the bait sites?
You will be responsible to be at camp at a specific time, at that point a guide will either drive you to your bait or you will follow in your vehicle. You will then get on one of our four wheelers and ride into the woods to your site. A guide will either pick you up at dark and return you to camp or you will drive yourself. No matter which scenario the guide will always take you into the bait personally each day.

How far are the baits from the tree stands?
Approx 15-40 yards.

Is my hunt Guaranteed?
We guarantee an active bait, our definition of an active bait is multiple bears hitting a bait during shooting hours. Our baits MUST have a shooter bear on it before we let someone hunt it.

What is your success rate?
Right now we have the good fortune of having 92% opportunity and an 80% kill rate.

What kind of bait do you use?
That’s our secret, but if you hunt with us you will find out.

What type of weapon is best?
Which ever you are most comfortable with.

Do you go to any shows?
Yes, in 2019 we will be attending the Wisconsin Outdoor Life Field in Stream Deer & Turkey Expo in Madison , March 29 – 31.

Do you offer “do it yourself hunts”?
Semi guided hunts are not our cup of tea, we enjoy developing a relationship with each client. We also hunt a lot of private land and don’t feel that would be fair to our land owners. So, no we do not. We concentrate on our paid clients.

What type of meals are provided?
When you leave our camp (which is our home) we hope you have gained a few pounds . You can expect wholesome hearty foods such as, sweet corn, cheese burgers, chicken, pulled pork, spaghetti, Kielbasa, and side dishes, and much much more.

Where do we stay during our hunt?
There are several hotels, campgrounds, etc. nearby camp in and around Hayward.